CookieCrumb is Eating Mad. By her blog bio,

Unemployed too.

Takes guts to blog when unemployed and she does it in style.

Cudos Cookie Crumb.

Not only that,  she has the guts to post another in a series of unfortunate recipes.


Toad and The Goal

quoting her post…

I know this is wrong, so wrong.
But we didn’t have any idea who was going to win the soccer match today, England or America.
So we fudged. Hedged. Smudged.
We made a Toad in the Hole, the classic British dish of Yorkshire pudding baked with sausage inside. But we used hot dogs. Yankee dogs. Smeared with mustard, and then covered with the batter. Baked. Puffed. Etc…..

Cookie, it isn’t wrong,wrong, wrong, its just another in a series of unfortunate recipes!

You go Cookie Crumb!

Ya’all be sure to hit her blog I’m Mad and I Eat